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Why Birth Certificate Is A Primary Document?

Did you know that birth certificate is considered as the most important document in one’s life? It is a first primary document for any human to establish proof of their existence. Every individual is issued a birth certificate when they are born. A number of details about their birth are included in the file, such as the name and address of their parents, their nationality, and their hospital of birth. With time, an individual can use a birth certificate to apply for other documents. A birth certificate must be issued for every birth registered under law. In some countries, however, there is a little laxity about the timeframe from birth to certificate registration.

Attesting birth certificate is also significant as it validates the authenticity of the document. If you are a new parent who wants to get their infant to move to UAE with them then you must be aware of the importance of birth certificate attestation in Dubai. In order to apply for a residence visa in the UAE, foreign nationals must submit an attestation of their birth certificates.

There are many parents who struggle with this little law. The reason for this is that they do not know how to register for attestation of a birth certificates. In light of this, Triumph Attestation Services is the best company to assist you in this tedious process.
To begin with, let’s explain how to request birth certificate attestation in Dubai before we tell you more about our services.

Importance Of Birth Certificate

Documents acknowledging the birth of an individual are called birth certificates. It is the official document that declares the nationality, name, age, and names of the baby’s parents. Documents become integral parts of an individual identity.

A few of these are:

  • Kindergarten and school admissions
  • University applications
  • Aims at employment
  • Legal application procedures

Obtaining dual nationality, passports, and visas requires birth certificates. The attestation of your birth certificate is required for many important aspects

Birth Certificate Attestation

When your child is born in UAE or any other country, a birth certificate attestation is required to apply for a resident visa. An official stamp and signature of the issuing authority must be included on the birth certificate. In accordance with the requirements of the issuing country, the birth certificate can be attested or apostille.

Birth certificates are extremely important documents for anyone for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you should carefully select the attestation service provider you choose. Attestation services provided by prompt attestation are recognized as safe and secure, in certicate attestation services in dubai
Find out what documents and procedures you need for Attesting Birth Certificates below.

Birth Certificate Attestation Documents:

In the name of the Certificate holder, the original Birth Certificate has been issued by the authorities.

  • Both parents’ passports.
  • Attesting a birth certificate for the following reasons:
  • Getting a passport for a foreign-born child requires an attested birth certificate if the child was born in the UAE.
  • For the child to obtain a VISA.
  • Admission to a school.
  • Any migration purpose.
  • Any future government documents, such as school, college, or college records, will need to be changed.

Attestation Procedures for Birth Certificate:

As part of the attestation process, various government departments are required to authenticate the certificate in the home country before it can be used in the destination country. Here’s how it works.

  • It is necessary to verify the notary public first.
  • The home country’s External Affairs/Foreign Affairs must certify the candidate’s status.
  • Embassies in the home country must certify the document.
  • Certificates should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country they are to be used.

Several embassies and entities verify birth certificates in the UAE before they are attestest In order for a certificate issued outside UAE’s borders to be considered legal for official use within the country, it must be validated by the appropriate authorities.

Both the issuing country and the UAE must attest a birth certificate. We have decades of experience in attestation within the industry, and our team has assisted in attesting tens of thousands of certificates through Triumph Attestation Service. You can get your birth certificate attestation in UAE from our experts who are experts in birth certificate attestation in UAE.


A birth certificate attestation takes how long?

It depends on many factors, including the country of origin and the language of the birth certificate, how long it will take to attestation the birth certificate in UAE. The process usually takes a week or two to complete. Depending on the aspects mentioned earlier, it may be shorter or longer.

What is the cost of attesting a birth certificate in the UAE?

According to the country in which the birth certificate originates, the fees for birth certificate attestation can vary. In addition, the requirement may need to be met as soon as possible. Pick-up and delivery services may affect the cost of attestation. Contact our UAE attestation experts now for a free consultation.

Why Choose Triumph Attestation Service?

For over three decades, we have provided attestation services to the UAE and have established ourselves as a market leader. As a result of our long-standing relationships with embassies and ministries across the world, we have established a reputation for delivering quality solutions. We are chosen by our clients for certificate attestation for the following reasons:


  • We provide free delivery & pickup
  • Reliable and fast service
  • Across the UAE, service is available
  • Service of high quality
  • We are available 24/7
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