Marriage certificate attestation Dubai

Marriage Certificate Attestation Dubai

A marriage certificate is issued by the official government registrar who verifies the ceremony and confirms that a couple is legally married under the law of their respective country. The certificate states the names of the bride and groom, their parents’ names (or guardians’ names), date of issue, and place of issue. The marriage certificate also carries your picture and signature, and it is the main legal document that serves as the main evidence of your marital status.

Why is it required to attest to a marriage certificate in Dubai or UAE?

Marriage certificate Attestation is a legal practice in all countries, which happens after the wedding ceremony, wherein you get to submit your marriage certificate to the competent authority for making it valid and legal. The attestation process is an important step as it serves as proof that the marriage was registered and approved by the competent authorities.

Marriage is a sacred bond and a relationship between two individuals. However, with the rapidly growing expatriate population in the UAE, it has become necessary to have marriage certificates attested by the Embassy for various purposes. Attesting a marriage certificate in Dubai is required as per UAE law. The attested marriage certificate from the concerned authority can be used for any legal purpose and can be used to confirm the fact that the couple is staying together in the same home legally.

When it’s necessary to attest a marriage certificate in Dubai, UAE

The marriage certificate is the most important document that you will use to apply for your visas and other travel documents. If you do not want to face any problems while applying for or traveling together, then it’s better to have your marriage certificate attested by the respective authorities of the country. Marriage certificate attestation is a legal procedure that has to be followed if you want to use the document worldwide.

  • To sponsor your spouse on a residence visa in the UAE.
  • To add your name to your spouse’s passport.
  • To include the spouse in the family’s health insurance plan.
  • Admission to a hospital for delivery.
  • To apply or sponsor your child’s passport.
  • To buy property jointly with your spouse in the UAE or in your home country.
  • To apply for divorce cases.

The procedure to be followed for successful marriage certificate attestation in UAE

  • Apply for and obtain a marriage certificate from the local authorities where your marriage has taken place.
  • Notarize the legally issued certificate by an authorized notary public or lawyer.
  • The home department/state department attestation in the home country or country where the marriage ceremony is performed.
  • The MEA (ministry of external affairs) from the origin country.
  • Marriage certificate attestation by an embassy official in the UAE
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs) attestation for your marriage certificate in the UAE

The following documents are required to be submitted in the UAE for marriage certificate attestation:

  • Passport copies of both the bride and groom or applicant.
  • The original marriage certificate, which states both the couple’s names, is sealed and signed by the concerned authorities.
  • Witnesses’ Proof (if applicable).

Why Triumph Attestation Services for attesting marriage certificates in the UAE?

  • Reliable attestation services are guaranteed with secure handling of documents and processing on time.
  • Global presence with 20+ years of existence in the UAE.
  • Our team of experts is experienced professionals with many years of service in this field.
  • Free pickup and delivery of all your documents within the UAE.
  • Online tracking facility to track your certificate attestation status.
  • Transparency and friendly customer service throughout the process.

How to choose the best attestation company in the UAE for your marriage certificate attestation

A reliable attestation company in the UAE will provide you with the most efficient and legal way to attest your marriage certificate. The expert team at Triumph Attestation Services is the best choice for attestation, as we have had a huge experience of providing UAE marriage certificate attestation for more than 20 years now. We have a team of expert professionals who understand the rules and regulations governing the UAE and make sure to provide the best attestation services at the most competitive price.

How much does it cost to attest a marriage certificate in Dubai or any part of the UAE?

The marriage certificate attestation fee varies from time to time and from one country of issuance to another. It is always better to contact Triumph Attestation services to know about the marriage certificate attestation charges before you apply for it in the UAE. If you have any questions about fees, time frames, or procedures, please contact our attestation experts.

How to apply for Certificate Attestation in Dubai and All Over UAE

We, Triumph Attestation Services representatives, are available 24/7 for free support via Live Chat and Email for your marriage certificate attestation requirements from all over UAE. Get instant help with our team of marriage certificate attestation representatives in UAE and get fast and reliable document processing. Contact us at info@triumphattestation.com or call +971 5855544411


What is the marriage certificate attestation? What does it mean in the UAE?

Marriage Certificate Attestation is a legal process which is done by the authorized attesting officer to validate the originality of a certificate. An attested document means that it has been verified as genuine, true, and correct in all aspects. A certificate attestation from the UAE Embassy is a legal process which seals and verifies the genuineness of an original document issued by a foreign country. This is considered a legal document in the UAE for any purpose.

What are the benefits of having a marriage certificate attested in the UAE?

Marriage certificate attestation is an important procedure that helps you in many ways. The main advantage of this legalization process is that it helps you travel to another country with your spouse and kids and settle there. The attested copy of the marriage certificate will allow you to get visas for your spouse or sponsor your spouse in other countries. The procedure is necessary for people who are planning to migrate abroad or move to another country for work purposes.

Is a marriage certificate attestation the same as marriage certificate legalization?

Marriage certificate attestation and legalization are different. Attestation of certificates is the process that certifies that a marriage certificate is valid, such as by confirming the identity of one of the signatories. Legalization of documents like a marriage certificate attestation is done by approved government agencies, such as embassies and consulates.

What documents are required for marriage certificate attestation in Dubai?

The specific documents required may vary, but generally, you’ll need the original marriage certificate, valid passports of both spouses, and any other relevant supporting documents.

What is the procedure for marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE?

The attestation process usually involves notarization in the country of issuance, Apostille or legalization (if applicable), attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and possibly attestation by the UAE Embassy in the country of issuance.

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