Family visa services

Family Visa Assistance Services

Why Choose Family Visa Assistance?

  • Legal Compliance
  • Simplified Process
  • Professional Guidance
  • Timely Service
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  • Document Collection

We help you to get all the documents ready for the family visa process. You don’t have to spend hours on it while we can take care of it with ease. We ensure accuracy and completeness throughout the whole process. 

  • Application Preparation

Our expert professionals are going to submit all your visa applications with all the supporting documents. We understand the process might be time-consuming but we always deliver everything on time. 

  • Status Updates

We believe communication is key, so we are always updating you on the status of the visa application. 

  • Medical Tests

As part of the visa application, we arrange medical tests for you. To create an ease every process is possible at our center.  

  • Emirates ID and Medical Insurance

We also assist in getting the Emirates ID and Medical Insurance for any of your family members while doing the visa process. 

  • Visa Stamping

When the visa is finally approved, we facilitate the visa stamping process. Also, check that the visa is properly affixed to the passport. 

  • Who is eligible to sponsor family members in the UAE?

To know who is eligible for a sponsoring visa for the family members. It solely depends on the income of the person who is sponsoring and also the visa category. Some common sponsors are UAE nationals, UAE residents, and even selected expats. 

  • What family members can be sponsored under Family Visa Assistance?

The family members who can be sponsored are the spouses, children, parents, and other eligible dependants. 

  • How does the Family Visa Assistance process work?

First, our service starts with consultation with the sponsor and family members. Then we recommend and give more information about the whole application process. During the consultation, we understand your visa eligibility and gather every necessary document. Our experts then prepare and submit visa applications. Assist with medical and insurance too. 

  • What documents are required for family visa applications?

The important documents that are required for family visa applications are valid passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, income statements, and other supporting documents.

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